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My sister bought me a big straw wide brimmed "Quicksilver" hat for Christmas-it's the best thing ever. In fact whenever I go to put it on one of my kids has pinched it-I need to ask sis where she bought it so I can invest in a couple more!


Straw hats look good, whatever thou just wear a hat bets a burnt red nose


forgot mine in the weekend out on the boat FAIL! feeling abit sorry for myself now. the fishing didnt even make it worth while! least we were on the water i guess just needed a couple of Samuel Adams and would have been set!


Hats are great. i never used to wear them at all until someone bought me one a couple of years. I now have about 8 hats of different colours and styles and I wear them all the time. Cant stand caps, all abit young really. There has certainly been abit of a resurgance as of late. Hat wearers are far more common plce thn they used to be.


Sun hats for me now are a must. I get sun burnt very easily and my wife is neve impressed if I get burnt out on the golf course. She also has a strong opinion regarding what hats she does and doesn't like. She hates my fave hat.


Sunhats are a must people!!! There's that thing called Melanoma which NZ has second highest rate in world of!! Plus 'hats' (whatever style you choose to wear) can be really fun...I've seen some with cracker pics/quotes/colours/embellishments etc. I reckon you can tell a lot about someone from what kind of hat they wear :-)


the best sun hat are the legionaire type - with the flap to protect the back of head cooler than a mullet as they come in bright yellow or fluro green - so cool when the breeze catches the flaps. Sun protection and coolness all in one.


No way i hate sunhats they are for little kids and elderly people.


I have fair skin and a shaven head so if I don't have sunscreen handy a sun hat is a great alternative protection.


Sunhats are great they not only shade your face from the sun, but protect your eyes aswell. Sunblock alone is not enough protection from the UV rays. Slip,Slop,slap and wrap!


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