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So over caps but I really need to wear a sunhat of some sort, can't find anything that i don't feel like a kid in. Do others wear hats over summer?


I have to wear a hat cause I work outside all the time but usually in the country without many people about so don't care what I look like. Find a hat in a colour and style you like and don't worry about looking like a kid, you will get over it and really people aren't going to worry what you wear.


As a kid I didnt wear a hat (who did then) and I remember my nose being constantly burnt and sore - now as I get older wierd things are growing on my skin on my face - YUCK!! Sun damage the Dr sez. CAUTIONARY TALE


Nothing wrong with a cap... people of all ages wear them. Just go for a plain one if you feel uncomfortable or one with a simple logo. I have a metallic silver one with orange flames... I don't mind wearing that to be a little different.


Depending on what your personal style is there's nothing wrong with a tui bucket hat - great with shorts and a singlet or tee and the obligatory jandals at the beach. They have some cool straw ones around with a band and a small rim. Now we just need some decent sun!


Yes, absolutely!! Partly because my hair is thinning out on top just a tad but why take the risk these days of melanoma or even the misery of a decent dose of sunburn? I have a bunch of floppy hats but more and more I am wearing a rigid brimmed hat that gives good shade all around but which also doesn't turn into a soggy mess and which keeps the rain off my glasses when it rains. It's also good for carrying eggs from the coop and, in emergencies, you can flip it upside down, fill it with ice and keep a couple of cans cold... I was in Europe a couple of months ago and it was damn cold and I could feel all the heat going out the top of my head and so for the first time ever, I considered getting a traditional cloth cap for winter use - I resisted this year but if I go back next year there will most likely be one in my bag.

When I was in the U.K in April it was still cold and I wore my beanie everywhere and I couldn't help notice noone seemed to wear them there.


I quite often wear sunhats just im one of the fussy ones where they have to be pretty dam cool! lol.


Last year l bought a brim hat from a Camping Outlet Store, it looks modern and smart (not like a grandpa hat) and certainly keeps the sun off my ears and neck. I had to go this way as l now have an allergy to all sunscreens, bloody chemists grrrrrrr.


gotta have em especially for the kids the ones with the flap down the back to cover your neck are great


I have to wear a sun hat as my family has a history of sun skin problems. I do my running on a treadmill to try and cut down on sun exposure. I can't afford to take any risks and have been lucky so far

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