Discussing :: Summer coming who knows of some great books to read


Just read the Rosie Project , really enjoyed it


it really depends what genre you enjoy, but right now i am just finishing Tily Bagshawe's friends and rivals,i am quite enjoying it, and good chick read, then if you like a bit of mystery and drama ,how about stephen kings under the dome or sleep doctor. or if you are a nora roberts fan, the witness, can recommend that one, it has been on the shelves for a while now, but was a good read.
cathy kelly books are always great, or marian keyes, although her last effort was just awful, i never even finished it as it was so boring,lots of good books just awaiting your pick, enjoy your reading at the beach


I read a lot and from a few different genres. I go to every second hand book fair that is near, that way I can try many different books and authors without breaking the bank.


Depends what books your into.

I loved "The Kite Runner" (was incredibly moving and I couldn't put it down)
Dean Koontz has some good reads He's fast paced my favourites of his are "Lightning" and Intensity"
Also Bryce Courtney is a fantastic writer and all his books are really good albeit a bit depressing.


Summer reads.. hmm. A more superficial read, City of Thieves is quite good about stock brokers. For a more NZ one, White Lies (which was made into a movie) is really powerful.


If you are into space opera and science fantasy, Baen Books has a number of its best-sellers available for free download in most of the popular e-book formats at www.baen.com . If you can't find a format that works for you, you can always use a tool like Calibre to convert it...

Keep an eye out for Tom Clancy's last book in December but check the reviews first - if it is as stagnant as his more recent efforts, just get yourself back into Red Storming Rising and The Hunt For Red October again...


I've been reading a bit of Roddy Doyle - A Star Called Henry - about Dublin and the beginnings of the IRA - interesting stuff.


That Jo Nesbo is OK but really it depends on what type of stuff you like to read. On summer days its get out and about so not much reading time as winter in my world.


Any you decided on? Just been adding to my goodreads list of read novels... only added 230 so far... I know thee should be way more than double that!

Was thinking The Passage was pretty good, also Trudi Canavan Magician series?


The aftermath - great read and factual to boot


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