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Summer coming who knows of some great books to read

I love summer to go to the beach and just relax and lay in the sun reading a good book that is exciting. Anyone know any great reads hot books lol. Stories not photos lol. :-D


Just started Paul Cleave -Joe Victim, never read any of his before, so will see. If you like autobiographies Duff McKagan's one was a good read, even for a non GnR fan, as is Scar Tissue. Matt Hoffman's autobiography Ride of My Life is cool, Kelly Slater's Pipe dreams would be a decent beach read too. The Iceman is a good read into the mind of a mob hitman. SciFi series The Long Earth is interesting? If you never have, read all Lee Childs books and Harlen Coben's also. Michael Connelly is a decent author, read all his as well as David Baldacci & Linwood Barclay's. Try all Andy McNab too maybe? If you like Fantasy, try the Icewind Dale series in forgotten realms. The Forgotten Highlander was a great true account of Scotsman POW in WW2, really enjoyed that, surprised myself. Actually I seem to read hundreds of books, from all genres... good luck!


The entire game of thrones series if you havent yet.great books.


Have a read of Dean Koontz :)


i love patricia cornwell especially the dr scarpetta series


Don't know what others think, summer's time for outdoor activities. l've been bottled up inside too long over these last few months to read a book while the suns out.


anything by David Sedaris. this man is a great humourist, and love his books. also Lee Child is usually a good read. For some classics Jack Kerouac 's On the road. and F.Scott Fitzgeralds The great Gatsby.


I'm reading Alex Cross by James Patterson which is really good so far. Plus I'm also reading Temple Grandin's 'The Way I See It' book about her personal experiences being on the autism spectrum (ASD).

the movie was good to that alex cross.


Anything by James Patterson is a good read. I have started reading his books from the beginning and am loving them all over again!!


Have a read of Linda La Plante. Her Lorraine Paige series of - Cold Shoulder (1994) Cold Blood (1996) and Cold Heart (1998) are really great. Actually, I haven't read any of her books that I didn't enjoy.

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