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I brought my suit from Hallensteins to go to a mate's weddings. It's sharp and looks the part. Sure I didn't score any fit girls like they do in the Hallensteins advert (maybe they had Lynx on?) but I got alot of compliments from girls, mates and family.

Just because there affordable it doesn't mean they aren't quality


I spent $400 on a suit (that was top dollar for me) and only bust it out for Job Interviews, Weddings and Funerals. It's a great investment. If I was on top dollar or need it every day I'd invest in 2 enpensive ones but keep in simple (no pinstrips or different colours as they can go out of fashion).


The most expensive suits are out of range for most people, but just look how they can enhance a guy's appearance. One Kiwi who always looks the business in an expensive suit is Rob Fyfe - he is the epitome of suave.


I had to go check out the website after reading these comments. Good on Hallensteins for putting out some great suits for under $200-I like the Coloured Skinny Suit, don't think everyone could pull it off though! Probably not ideal for an interview or a funeral either. Still there's plenty of good options.


If you treat a cheap suit well it will look good. You dont have to spend thousands (and most of us dont have thousands let alone hundreds).


Can never go wrong with one from an Op Shop suit. It all comes down to how you wear it.


People keep saying "clothes maketh the man”, but in reality its the $$$$ in the bank that really count

This is the truth I fear. I'm at the point where I feel like a suit or two is going to be appropriate now. And I think I've finally outgrown t-shirts and shorts so I'm going to have to spend up on a whole new wardrobe. It's not that long since I would have called a bloke a girl for saying that. How times have changed...


I think you can pick up a decent suit for a couple of hundy from Hallenstiens or if you have a budget for one that costs less you can always look in the ops shops or trademe. Once you're in a suit you will look smart and can conquer any job that goes your way.


Look online at Trade-Me if you know your sizes, if you don't go and find out. Or just rock into an op-shop type place i picked up a Tux' for $20.


If it's comfortable and looks good that's the main thing.


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