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I see you can get suits fairly cheap now, and I dont have one. Soon I will be out looking for a decent job, can I get away with a cheap suit?

Do you guys have any tips or ideas when it comes to suit buying?


You will need a different sort of suit depending what your "decent job" is. If it involves a lot of activity then get something lightweight. What is your normal body temperature? Is the suit going to be worn ina respectful environment? Or is it llikely to be subject to ga lot of wear and tear? Finally your first suit should be bought from a proper menswear store where the sales person knows what they are talking about. It will be dearer but you will forever know what suits you and what does not.


Thanks for your reply. I am meaning “decent” as in a corporate environment. I’m not sure what my body temperature has to do with it however do expect some sort of durability. Ive been to a few menswear stores, and to me most of the suits are the same as the cheaper ones; mind you, I haven’t actually spoken to anyone in store.


Hmm, I'm looking at buying a suit also. The ones from Hallensteins look pretty decent. I'm deciding between a wool blend one or a standard one... would the wool blend material smell like wet wool if it happened to get wet though? Advantage would be a bit warmer than a standard suit. What do you think?




I would go with your maximum budget from the get-go. It shows that you're serious about the position and it's more likely to last you than something super cheap. I've tried that route before and you can tell fairly quickly by the way they hang and wrinkle, don't breathe so you sweat and fall apart so you need to buy one again next year.
If you are only needing it to get through the interview and won't be wearing the whole thing often, it might be a good time to shop the sales. Or you could buy a cheaper suit and getting it tailored. This may give you something that looks better than a more expensive suit.
Wool blends can be quite nice and durable. The wool keeps sweat away from your body and the blended materials are usually lighter. Check the lining and the seams though. If threads are falling out before you buy it, what will happen once you start moving around?
No matter what: make sure it fits you well and make sure it allows movement.


I enjoy wearing well fitting clothes from the likes of Barkers, but would absolutely love to have the opportunity to have a bespoke suit made for me. As ZZ Top sang...every girl's crazy ' bout a sharp dressed man!


Dont under spend on the suit! We've got to look like James Bond!


Your first suit has to be flash, and expensive. It will not only set you apart from the cheapskate suits, but you will feel bullet proof and like the CEO of the company that your going to go work for. Speaking of Suits, Season 3 is coming up and is a great programme. Harvey Specter is the man


I ended up getting a Metro suit this afternoon as the wool blend suit was a little too large for me and didn't come in a smaller size.


Farmers sell suits sometimes on special were you can buy a suit jacket on its own and matching pants giving you a choice of what fits you better


Buy the best you can afford thats comfortable and stylish but most of all comfortable. if it makes you feel confident its a winner. buy one that you can wear casually or formal. suits look great on men(aS a rule)

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