Discussing :: Suave??? Hmmmm? Is that a word to describe Kiwi males???


Suave??? Hmmmm? Is that a word to describe Kiwi males???

I'm curious as to others thoughts on NZ guys being "suave"?? I personally dont think "on the whole" the average kiwi guy is suave or sophisticated much at all, (totally dependent on your terminology of the words,lol), I've cooked in some pretty classy restaurants and have observed an "ignorance" towards things overly posh or extravagant, just an observation, any thoughts anyone?? ps: for the record, a Kiwiburger, lge fries and lge drink DOES NOT count as SUAVE or SOPHISTICATED dining, hahahahaha

You mean testosterone driven masculine guys with perfect table manners? Not really.


I thing the best thing linked here to kiwis is a word like sauve ...its sauce. kiwis love sauce........is sauce sauve?


3 bottles of jim beam is Suave


I don't think you make a decent judgement of Kiwi suave without a trip to Europe to compare the suave-ity of those guys. Or perhaps a trip over to a mining town in Aus ;)


I think Suave is created by wealth. Suave car, stylish clothes, fat wallet. Nah most of Kiwi's just don't earn the money to get the suave status.


Yeah it's a bit of the old wishful thinking going on. Some of us might aspire to it, and the lucky few might actually be considered suave, but as a country I'd say we are anything but.


To me sauve can be many things - apprearance and demenaour, well spoken, someone with manners, I'd say most Kiwi blokes are just blokes and there are a small number of suave here in Kiwiland...it would be good if there were more


Is a sauve kiwi bloke someone who thinks he has good manners but disappoints big time by indulging in dirty jokes. Sounds a bit like that BJ.


To answer the question you need to decide if the Kiwi female is sophisticated. And there is your answer.


Suave is a word that only applies to a relatively small group of men. It's not a word I identify with, even when I scrub up to be at my best. I doubt the word applies to the average male, from any country or culture.


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