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Steamed over boiled veges

Definately steamed as u dont lose a lot of the nutrients that u do when u boil them.......it aint rocket science.


I agree, I think steamed is a healthier option. Veges are nice roasted too... like potatoes, kumera, yams, pumpkin and all that.


Steamed for sure


While steamed seems the better option boiling allows you to have a few cupfulls of juices to drink while eating dinner instead of a Highland Park whiskey.


Steamed vegetables can retain more of their original flavor and nutrients, since they do not leech out into the water during boiling. On the other hand, you cannot add additional flavors to your vegetables during steaming--since flavors cannot soak into the vegetables from the water, either. Which taste/texture you prefer, of course, can be a matter of personal opinion. Mine is Steamed


Definitely steamed. I love to taste the vegies not a bunch of boiled ones.


Definitely steamed, years of boiled tfoo veges as a child deem it so.


My partner boils veges when we had young children because she used the juices in the boil in thier meals.

I drink the Juice of veggies


I seriously like steamed, its better for the veges are it keept more nutrients in compared to boiled, and it tastes better


Steamed vegetables are way better than boiled in a lot of cases, just as long as the timing is correct. I have had some monstrosities that have been over steamed, asparagus being one of them. There is nothing worse than being served limp, dead and definitley unsurvivable asparagus, it should be a hanging offence. And just for the record nobody ever steamed taties, a good spud only performs after a good hot workout in salty boiling water, it's the law!


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