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Sneans - The mortal crime of combining Sneakers and Jeans

What are your thoughts on this most heinous of fashion crimes? What are the gray areas and what's just taking the piss... I feel that a skate style sneaker (vans, converse etc) is acceptable but a court shoe or cross trainer is just plain wrong and very dated. Then there's the sub genre of hiking boot/shoe or brown sneaker most commonly exemplified by your typical IT boffin in the office. Does this constitute the dreaded 'snean'? Discus...

Hiking boots sweet, brown casual shoe fine, brown sneaker with nz 80's cricket shorts yeeeah.
Do kiwi blokes really care, probably not...keep on sneaning ;)


yeah i wear skate/ surf style shoes with jeans which i think isnt too bad and you can get away with cause of the shape but those running shoes are so bad specially when sparkly white!


I think running shoes should be restricted to those that actually run. Just like Adidas track suit pants are restricted to those that loot.


Jabes, I think You've hit it on the nose. The sparkly white skinny nature of sport shoes just doesn't lend itself to the humble jean. I just thought of the worst example I've seen in a while. The tight black stovepipe jean, worn with a bright white sneaker... think Metallica fans who never got past '...And Justice For All'... F'ing tragic


whats wrong with sneakers and jeans??!? i wear them all the time! personally i think its shorts and long socks combination that look very wrong... but if someone is brave enough to wear them then good on them!!

Or socks with Jesus Creepers... or even just Jesus Creepers...


There are so many cool shoes, why would you wear sneakers for anything but running (or sneaking...). I also have a thing about guys wearing those tiny little socks, no higher than their shoes. I love skate shoes with jeans though. And cowboy boots...

Or just cowboys...

Stop telling my secrets, Jason.

So Fiona is your thing the cowboy boots or spurs?

The cowboy.

No, actually, I almost married a cowboy and he turned out to be a right jerk so, kind of off them at the moment.


That is the whole point of jeans, everyone can wear them and you can wear anything with them. That is why they are and always will be popular. I don't personally like sneakers, but a lot of people would think my scuffs and boots weren't the thing to wear either.


If it's good enough for Seinfeld... I don't see what the big deal is, sure Sneans are hideous but if someone is brave enough to look that ridiculous then Power to the People! Everyone has their own fashion crimes, for example I wear shorts and long socks (pulled up of course) which people have expressed their hate for (see above). Personally I think cowboy boots should be restricted to the rodeo and the bedroom (no offence Fiona). Everyone is different. I hope Sneans stick around for a long time, if for no reason than to give the rest of us something to laugh about.

You're using Seinfeld as a fashion example?

And if Sneans disappear, we'll still be able to laugh at shorts and long socks...


OMG I actually have a pic of my in '92 wearing tight jeans and sneakers lol. It just looks horrible is all. No women wants a man like that except maybe ya dad could get away with it :)

even then no my mum and i bought my dad a few pairs of cool yet very comfy shoes for him to wear around so now is snean free and has been for a couple of years. Might i suggest if its a particulary bad offender to get them some sanuks they are super comfy and have a variety of style for easy wear


Kramer almost had it, except for the short trousers.

...and the hair...

Get out! His hair rocked!

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