Discussing :: Sky's Shopping Channel is 25 years to late. Internet shopping is best - share your sites


Sky's Shopping Channel is 25 years to late. Internet shopping is best - share your sites

For me Internet shopping is the most efficient way to spend alot of money - yay! ever since buying my RWC edition All Black Jersey last year from www.kitbag.com(btw cheaper than www.worldrugbyshop.com),for a fraction of the price i could get in NZ i figure i can save thousands...at least that what i tell the missus. For old skol Vinyl Records http://www.soundstagedirect.com/ Brand new press not used! For Movie collectibles http://www.sideshowtoy.com/ They have like a kind of a laybuy option on more expensive stuff. Dont worry they all ship International. I recommend kitbag.com. Not only did i get free international shipping(in 8 days) they sent me a free rugby ball and i got 5 quid off because it was my birthday! I know its not a good add' for local sites but ...its MY MONEY! and its generally a one off purchase unless i cant get it here.


Shopping channels are pretty limited, as you say the Net is certainly a good place to browse if you are looking for Christmas stocking fillers! The two sites l keep going back to are www.mightyape.co.nz & www.elive.co.nz


Internet shopping is way ahead, but l guess you guys aren't interested in where l shop


Can't stand infomercials! Do buy a lot off the net though.


yup have to agree with this majority of stuff i buy is online.


except for food and petrol


I think internet shopping is good, but I think I'd rather not pay shipping charges etc and sometimes you can pick up a good bargain by negotiating with a salesperson in the shop. 50/50 on that one.


There are so many sale sites, the likes of 1day and all the treatme's, yazooms etc. that you can get a quick deal so easily, I really don't think that shopping channel has a chance. Plus, you can ignore the ads online and not have to listen to irritating sales people/actors on tv either. It's a win win situation.


.....Sky TV should worry about better customer service than adding another redundant channel....wish they had Direct TV in NZ or better shows on over through Tivo....but alas there isn't


Never mind shopping as a tv channel, tv itself will soon be obsolete!

Amen! I very VERY seldomly watch TV on the TV now. I'll watch the occasional show on the computer, but if it wasn't for the kids wanting it I wouldn't even have a TV. Huge time waster. I'd rather 'waste' time online :)

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