Discussing :: Skills that all men should know


Immitation is the finest form of flattery. How do you like your icecream?

With a blonde on the other end of it, doing that please....


I think all men should know how to cook properly. Not buy prepared meals at the supermarket and cook that.

yeah totally, got the ultimate compliment last night during dinner of "why arent you on this show" when the gf and i were watching some cooking show she is into.

Come on then Jabes, more Manchef posts please!


oh this was nothing special just pepper onion steak, mash potatoes and baby carrots and beans


How to be amused and content with simple things. The ability to lift heavy stuff. How to climb. Simple and effective ways to wallop and defend. How to handle explosives. Not only the skill to RUN fast, but also the wisdom to know which direction to RUN.


How to undo a bra clasp with one hand......while holding a steiny and a Sky remote in the other.

Well, I've posted an instructional video on how to do this. The remote and Steiny, that's up to you...

It would be better it the Sky Remote had a button for the Bra as well would it not. lol


every thing and any thing at any time or any place. that is a sign of a real man.

Then I fear I come up short. I have no idea what you mean...


Drive a Manual Car Hook Up a Home Theatre System or Stereo Fix a Toilet Navigate a Map and Use GPS Change the Oil Cook the Perfect Steak Dress for the Occasion Do Laundry Properly & Iron Take control at Roadside Emergencies (Eg. flat tyre) Build a Fire Know how to treat a lady


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