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Be a general Handy man - able to build small things eg fences, kennels etc, paint, definitly fishing.


I can get my 15 x 12 Orbit up in 20mins depending on how hard the ground is but can never get the floor right. tried all ways pegging it down first or just the cnrs but it always seems to be not right. Love sitting back with cooffee and watching others try and put there tents up its quite a laugh sometimes.


Hows this for a quick erection...doesn't come much faster than this! (Please no puns intended.)

+marked+ there are nasal sprays to help you with that problem (apparently)

It that were tall enough to stand to get dressed I'd totes be there!! But I'm completely over spending a week hunched over in a tent wrestling with my knickers.

Do your knockers growl when you wrestle them?

Oops, that should have said knickers.... the "i" key really is next to the "o" key...

Pffffft!! Well, it kind of worked either way now, didn't it.

thats why i dont wear knickers when camping ;)

And I don't wear knockers when camping. At home, now that's another matter entirely...



They should all know how to change a nappie with out grossing out .. that would be fantastic!

Hmm, something tells me you might be female, haha. Give him a mask and snorkel and tell him to suck it up. Worked for me!

Hmm, I'll retract the last part of that. Just read it again and retched.

Beaker is appalled at pretty much everything you post, Jason. Look at that face!

I know, he's perpetually horrified. I know exactly how he feels.


They should know how to make a woman happy.

I'm sorry, I'm going to have a nibble at this... a woman should know how to make herself happy and not expect a man to do it for her.

yeah thats what my grandma always used to say to my sister "never wait for someone to bring you flowers when you can grow your own"

And grandma is right. But that doesn't mean it wouldn't be nice for a man to try once in a while, and truthfully, Jabes, if you turn up on valentines day and say to your girl 'I didn't bring you flowers because I figured you could grow your own' it may not go down all that well.

Ha! That's true I suppose...

she doesn't like flowers :P as its killing something for its momentary beauty - see perfect girl appeals to my hippy side even haha!

she doesn't like flowers :P as its killing something for its momentary beauty - see perfect girl appeals to my hippy side even haha!

Awww, does she hear them scream? I knew a girl that swore she could.


nah she isnt that bad just kinda thinks its pointless, the whole yay something nice for 3days then its a wilting pile of rotting vegetation!

Wow, hang on to her dude!

well i would be at the moment but she is living it up in samoa!


I tend to pick flowers around our house because otherwise they are just snail fodder. They are more beautiful inside for 3 days than outside where each bud is reduced to a petalless stork each night.


fair enough we dont have any flowering plants at our house! just native bush and veges tho the chickens who have taken to outsmarting my flatmate most days are nailing the veges at the moment!

My sister has lived in the Coromandel for 20 years now and still is unable to outsmart the chickens, though I think this year the fully bird netted garden might be the closest yet. You have veges growing already? I have silverbeet. Oh, you don't get frosts?


we got a few frosts just got lettuces at the moment that are edible, tomatoe plant is starting to come back thru as are the chilli and capsicum plants, chikens do gat a bit of help from my dog who seems to think he needs the egg laying mash in addition to his breakfast


See Frank this is why that reply thing sucks!! at least 2 new posts but do i want to troll thru the whole topic to find a post - nope. even if you made it so the reply was hooked into the last post but still appeared at the end of the last page



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