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Skills that all men should know

What are they? There are lots of general things a man should know how to do but if we try to break them down into manageable tasks like: - jumpstart a car with a flat battery (had to do this yesterday) - build a letterbox (haven't had to do this but it'd be an interesting challenge) What are they?

Jeez, there are men that can't jump start a car? I thought they were called girls.

be able to buy your misses sexy underwear in the right size she will luv u for it trust me!!!!


-light a fire that stays lit. -change a tire -tow a car -grow food - hunt and butcher an animal (tho might be a bit much for some of the townies)


haha is that why us women need men around?.......I'm really embarrassed to admit I can't change a tire. Shocking!

I don't know of any female friends who can change a tyre. Seems so easy to me and have showed a couple of female friends in the past. It's like I'm trying to teach rocket science.

Oh, I COULD change a tire, but why would I? Unless I was absolutely in the middle of nowhere, and had no cell reception, I'm pretty much always happy to wait half an hour for AA to arrive. Although, that actually happened to me once, in the middle of the New Mexico desert, in 40 degree heat, with two dogs in the Range Rover. A truckie stopped to help me and broke the thing you use to turn the bolts... but at least he called Triple A for me on his radio.


-Chop down a tree and make it into fire wood -Pass a rugby ball especially in N.Z -Mow a lawn -Tie a tie!


I'd have to include: Light a fire Cook Tow a trailer Oh, and change a tyre... then, if you come across KH and she's got a flat, you'll be able to help her.

Hows about not just towing a trailer...... but reversing with a trailer!

Yeah, that's kinda what I meant. I'm crap at reversing a trailer, but I'm a Pom and they dont really use them there. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!


yeah reversing a trailer is a good one also pitching a tent (the outdoors one not the pants one) cast a fishing rod open a beer with any object on hand, - seatbelt/lighter/car door/spoon etc


Bring a woman to orgasm.

Amen, now THATs a skill!

Whatever, I can totally do that :)

Doesn't count Fiona. Unless you're the one who wears the pants in the relationship (or are in a relationship of one).


Talk to a woman and make her laugh. Show your appreciation of her. Listen to her. Be able to show affection. Be able to play with children and talk to old people. Demonstrate tolerance and understanding. Show fortitude in tough times without complaint or becoming an arsehole. Work hard. Honesty. These things, it seems to me, are much more important than being able to open a bottle with a lighter.

Wow, you can open a bottle with a lighter? Gotta get into smoking!

i dont smoke but you have to have a lighter how else can you start fires ah . . i mean nothing.

Yes, these are things a man should know - if you are a wo-man! We are different genders for a reason. Men are hunters and women are nurturers. Men provide discipline and women provide love. Men think and women feel. Sure, we mix and match in this crazy mixed up world, but our strengths are our strengths. Strength of character comes from a strong mind and its ability to overcome. Empathy, on the other hand, will hold a man back. Turn a man into a lover and he will become conflicted and lose his ability to fight. We need both, but we can't be both. That's why we are man AND woman. Men should be men and women should be women.

managing to appear to be listening to a woman, nodding at the right times, saying "uh-huh" at the right times, when your really just watching the tv behind her.....


Valid point, but then would you call those things skills? Personally Id more put them in the way you should live your life or just generally be. where a skill more implies a learned thing and don't know if id trust someone who had to learn to be honest? or learn to treat people well etc


Mein Got im Himmel! This is all getting a bit Politically Correct isn't it??? Kill a deer! Hunt a pig! Drink a yard of ale in under 5 seconds! These are skills! I want to know how to open a beer with a womans bra clasp for chrissakes, leave the being communicative shit for after orgasm!

Well said!

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