Discussing :: Should men moisturise their face daily.


Moisturiser is definitely good for your skin, but you don't want to overuse it and look too oily.


Yeah man. We need to get with it, smear on the nivea. Compliments will flow.


Of Course, skin is skin it need a little tender loving care whether male or female.


yes. it helps preserve the skin. keeping you looking fresh and young. If it's good for the ladies. why not us lads.


Yes, why not? Women find smooth skin sexy!!


No harm in doing it, and I think some need it more than others


Why not, especially if that moisturiser has a sunscreen in it. Nothing wrong with men looking after their skin...or their health


Probably should -it's finding the time and getting it done in the morning rush.


My husband never moisturises. He's older than I am but his skin is in better condition (probably because of the cosmetic shenanigans I get up to). That being said, he doesn't spend all of his days outdoors. When we do have a long day out he usually mentions feeling dryer than usual. So I suppose that if you really enjoy the outdoors for sports or leisure or if you work outside, moisturiser might be a good thing to add to the routine. Most moisturisers have sunblock as well, so you get the protection you need in - double bonus!


Only if it gets the Missus to stop nagging me about it. Then I guess so. Otherwise nah..


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