Discussing :: Should men moisturise their face daily.


Should men moisturise their face daily.

A definite Yes, who wants to look older than they need too..


Yes yes yes they age the same as woman


sure should,,, just don't tell ya mates


Why is this even a question? Of course they should. Moisturizer isn't a feminine product, it is something that all humans should use. It is particularly important in New Zealand where we have a harsh sun.


Definitely yes! Makes you feel good about yourself!


Probably because the lines on my face say I haven't been doing that.


I have managed to talk my husband into this. he now sees the benefits of moisturising after a shower, just because he is a man shouldn't make any difference we ALL need to look after our skins, more so when of the older age group like me


I think it is important, there is nothing worse than dry skin on your face especially in such hot days.


Yes , don't want to look old and wrinkly


yes indeed!!

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