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SHAVING, what a pain!

How often do you shave, and do you actually use products like Gillette Shaving Foam or just soap?


i use gel but need the sensitive one and i shave every day apart from the weekends


Most days and I prefer a gel to foam (also potentially less messy when flying - only need a foam can to cut loose at 39,000 feet once); for blades, they are pricey but I like the Gillette Fusion five blade shavers...the vibrating option makes for a smoother shave but I find all the vibrating shavers too unreliable i.e they die quite quickly...


My husband has to shave daily when he does. For the past couple months he's let the beard take over. He almost always uses shaving foam. If he runs out he'll use conditioner. Once, some of his students got him Ambrosia Shaving Cream from LUSH, but he didn't like the smell. It worked well though. Regular soap can be super drying on the face and can be bad for the skin. I personally think conditioner is the best alternative to a proper shaving cream for a close shave and no razor-burn. Bonus tip: Remember to dry your blades when you're done shaving. It helps them last longer.


When I got out of the Army, I thought I might never shave again. But after 6 months, I realized my beard was pretty much just a sweat sponge during the summer months. Especially after going for a 10 mile run. ( An Army habit that took awhile to shake) So began my annual ritual of growing a beard to keep my face warm during the winter, and shaving to keep cool during the summer. But now that my beard has gotten so gray, I tend to shave just to recapture a youthful appearance, and not get called Grandpa so often.


When I am out in the bush I don't shave but usually come clean in town or at least shave beard into neat shapes.


I agree, it is a pain... I shave every day regardless though. Not a fan of facial hair. Let's call it the male's curse.


I shave every day & use a shaving foam, the soap I find dries out the skin too much. The only time I dont is when its Movember!


I shave my sideboards daily while under the shower, I just use water and a cheap razor. Its not a perfect job. Going to be shaving the rest off this week for charity so i'll be going back to foam or gel and a better razor for a cleaner smother job.


I grow my mo and beard till i get that scratchy feel (usually 2 weeks) then i shave and repeat.


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