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Now it feels as though summer is here we are starting to have alot more salads. I must admit, I never feel full after a salad but the good thing is you can never have too much. Fav is lettuce, tomato, capsicum, boiled egg, grated carrots, cucumber and the must have beetroot and mayo (next to the boiled egg so it takes on the juice of the beetroot mixed with mayo)


Salad by far, and its healthier. Raw veges supersede everything in my book.


Cooked artichokes, beets and onions don't really destroy much of the antioxidents, compared to eating these raw.


time and place for both. salads all the way in summer but vegies in winter


They can't be bad for you but no thanks for me...I would prefer them to be separate...:)


Salad in summer is the way to go! Light, fresh and leaves you feeling gooood. Bring it on :) For a moment there I thought the title was referring to cooked veges being drowned in salad - that'd just be plain gross.


Mums home made vege salad is the tops!


Either is good for me - got to have my greenery!


salad over the summer especially over the really hot days


Definitely salad. Raw, and easy to grow.

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