Discussing :: Salad over cooked veges


I love green salads but my kids fave is Roast vege salad. That's cubed roast potato, pumpkin and kumara with mayo or you could drizzle them with olive oil and add feta and pistachio nuts.Delish!


I love them both. I think it depends on the time of year what you feel like more. Salads are perfect for hot Summer days.


I think we have come such a long way with our salads, the variety now is endless, no need for fresh vegetables, we now incorporate them within the salads, covering a wider variety of vegetables that we may not use unless we combined them within a tasty salad. how colourful we can also make a salad, easy presentation with a great dressing


I love a crisp salad in Summer and cooked veges in Winter.....the best of both worlds.


Salad, fresh out of the garden - lettuce, tomato, peas, capsicum, beetroot - you can't beat it. And even better - the kids can make it!


Definately salad. But any salad, fresh or cooked veges or a mixture of both. It's the variety of flavours and dressings that makes salads nice. But fresh is best healthwise!


salad every time. I could eat salad every night


I love a salad in the summer but will have cooked veges in the winter.


WTF is suave about salad and veges?


Salad is easier and for summer months, much cooler to eat. Love ranch dressing, and recently discovered when we ran out of tartar sauce, that ranch dressing goes great with fish. Same with mixing with tuna fish for making a sandwich. As far as nutrients, it has long been thought that cooking destroys them, but it really doesn't in fact it breaks down the cellulose and makes it easier for you body to use it. Soup is actually the best.


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