Discussing :: Salad over cooked veges


I love both salad and veges so its hard for me to decide


You dont have to boil the hell out of any veges- a gentle stir fry or steaming will suffice. Salad or veges ? Try both in the same meal.


Love em both, so versatile. Beans, quinoa, couscous, pasta, different herbs and spices makes meals interesting and always delicious, never boring.


I love my salads in the summer,especially the greek salad.I still like to have the occasional salad in the Winter time too.


nothing beats fresh ingredients outa the garden... chives, parsley, spring onions, lettuce, tomato, avocado, cucumber... mix together with cashew nuts, balsamic vinegar and olive oil and your set! always better than overcooked vegies!


Love salads in summer, so refreshing! And cooked veges in winter to warm you up, especially roasted ones!


I usually eat whatever my girlfriend puts on my plate!! Very colorful varieties in vegies we have sometimes... If I'd be doing the cooking, there would be no veges!!


They both equate to the same..Half of your plate should be made up of Vegetables wether it is salad or cooked.Don't over cook your vegetables 5 mins should be all they need to cook.


Yuk foreverme i tried your 5 minute rule and potatoe and kumura are not nice at 5 mins........just kidding , but on a serious note i do agree with you soggy and soft vegtables arent nice.


I like salads in summer when everything is fresh and colourful and tend to steam veges in winter to go with heavier dishes. Love pear, rocket, blue cheese and walnut salad or roasted beetroot, salad greens, walnuts and feta (yes, I have a walnut tree in the backyard!) :O)


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