Discussing :: Salad over cooked veges


Time to switch hot veges for a cool salad now that the weather is cooking!


I would have to say for the summer either Salad or Vegetable Kebabs on the BBQ


Not a big salad fan, normally prefer cooked veges. More likely to eat salad in summer tho, seems weird having it in winter


I am definately a salad fan over veges as the only cooked veges I like are microwaved frozen peas & corn, mashed potato when I get it right & the extra broccoli that comes from the noodle canteen. with salad I can add my various dressing concoctions & I can choose what I like & it's nice & fresh & I especially like the salad that comes in a subway. give me that every day. yummy.


Grow your own, and nothing better than fresh salads picked from the garden. Veges are harder to get right but worth while. Love summer and love salads!.


i actually eat salad all year round and nearly with every meal, even if you have a not so healthy meal like for instance a pie or sausage, i think adding a salad helps to outweigh the bad food you are eating just a little, yes if you can grow your own as we do, all the better, no sprays used in my home,as organic as you can get and fresh too,i love capsicum and also add a few grapes to your salad, you will love the taste.


Not a salad person really so I prefer my vegies cooked, and when I say cooked I don't mean cooked till they are soggy, like them with a little crunch to them.


i enjoy a fresh salad on hot evenings just so refreshing, but a crispy veggie stir fry is also up there, !!!


Has to be salad for me. I will eat me a nice garden salad with anything and everything. Even roast meat goes awesomely with a salad - especially one of those butterflied roast lamb legs with the mint sauce. I want some now but lamb is just getting far too expensive lately!


To be fair I do like both... On a hot day I think a salad woks best however if it is really cold there is nothing better than hot potatoes and cooked veges

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