Discussing :: Salad over cooked veges


i grew up eating cooked veggies because that's just how my mum did it. and also just in case my veggies had a worm hiding (usually in leafy veg) then it'll be cooked al dente!


Salads are great, easy to make and taste great. But love veges too, especially steamed. Frozen veges are just a good (if not more so) than fresh veges, so I always keep a few packets in the freezer. Heat them up in the microwave, easy as.


pumpkin feta and pine nut salad is yummy , on the topic of veggies i may be the only one here but i cant stand onions . unless they are cut really small and mixxed into something well. what veggies are people againest?


I love it akong! I too grew up on boiled caterpillars. Mum said I should be thankful as it showed the Veges were homegrown and 'organic' and that not everybody was as lucky...


I hate onions too, they make your eyes water when you prepare them and then you stink when you eat them. Roasted veges are the best. Greek salad with lots of feta is also good.


Salad is good as long as I don't have to use a knife and fork to cut it small! Hate that! - call me a lazy salad eater!! Seriously though, a good salad is this: Chop onion (better to use the purple ones as they aren't so hot?) and add raw to a bowl, add some raw chopped tomato, add some unsweetened plain yoghurt and mix. It's a bit different but nice. Sometimes steaming veges is good (healthier than boiling). Also, frozen veges are still quite fresh and nutritious as a quick-fix. The main things is you get some veges in your meals!


I'd go for salad over cooked veges, the salads taste sao much nicer & your get all the good nutrients from the vegetables


Yeah, it depends on the season, what veges, and how you have it. While fresh salads have more nutrients, who can resist grilled eggplants and mushrooms on a barbie?


I actually add the two together. Roasted vegetables like pumpkin, potato and kumara go fantastically in a salad and add a great texture


one thing i found by accident more than design was adding sliced banana and mango dressing to a chicken salad is soooooooooo good. grosses a few non-experimental foodies out though!


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