Discussing :: Salad over cooked veges


Salads in summer, cooked veggies in winter - perfect balance


Gotta love salad and veggies, but only in season.


There is room for both depending on what you are having with either or. I am a great vegie fan especially our home grown ones, also grow most of our salad vegies so it depends what is in the garden.


Go for salad - so much nicer taste


I like both and mix it up depending on what's for tea! I like salad in winter too.


Both sound good. I would usually pick a fresh salad at the restaurant though, rather than cooked veges, but it depends on how they cook it.


Salads in summer are the best. I like to have variety and enjoy having both salad and cooked veges all year round. When having salad it's a good way to add intake some good nutrients by adding a cold press oil like olive oil on the salad instead of dressing.


Depends on the dish, the weather, the food and the mix :)


Both are yum and good for you xxx


Keen to munch on greenery whether raw or cooked, together with the protein habit.

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