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Salad over cooked veges

Definately fresh homegrown salad vege as no mess and totally natural, no loss of nutrients by boilin the hell out of them unless u keep the water/juice they are cooked in, i always do, why waste a good thing.


o yum you just reminded me i have a salad in the fridge to finish.WHOOOOSSHH................................


Salad is always good in the summer but defiently prefer cooked veges in the winter


Cooked veggies are fantastic as long as they aren't drowned, they must have some bite left, (brussel sprouts are the bomb and 'the law' with turkey at Christmas). Salad, yep great too, but they have to be able to be stabbed and sit nicely on a fork, there is absolutely nothing worse than ignorant leafy greens missing the mouth and smacking yer chin, it makes a man look foolish. Oh and don't get me started on onion rings that don't fit!


I like salad in the summer too, veges in the winter! Coleslaw yum yum tho.


salads for me are definitely a summer thing, best crammed between fresh buns with a spicy beef patty


personally i love salad, it has taken a lot of 'work' to get myself to make a salad with actual taste (adding more than just lettuce and tomatoes!) but HELP - how do I get my partner to eat ANYTHING with a hint of green on it??????? Even takeawy burgers instantly get stripped of every slighty healthy component until basically its just meet and cheese in a bun. How can I hide the salady things?????


I prefer Salad, Always enjoyed it, often go to restaurants and varies other places to have different kinds of Salads.


im a bit 50/50. I love salads but probably have to prefer the cooked vegies.


Both together! My most favourite salad is lettuce, tomato, spring onion, cheese, boiled egg with small pieces of roasted capsicum and kumara! YUM!

now that sounds yummy. But how about some grated carrot in that mix too.


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