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Rugby World Cup

Who is treating themselves over to England to see the All Blacks go back to back? Anyone rank an underdog doing well? any big names going to be injured? What you fella's reckon?


I wont be going there as it is too costly.... :( .injuries can happen to any of them so i cant make any picks on that. im going to be backing the all blacks all the way though thats a given.


It would be great to go but I will be watching it from the couch - it will be epic and if we can win it two times in a row that would be amazing! ;O)


Watching it from the couch also!!


I'll be watching the finals next Sunday morning on the couch as well. Go the All Blacks !!!


The game against the Springboks was such a nail biter, the ref just loved to call penalties and the All Blacks wanted to keep kicking the ball with no one running after it, hopefully they play a bit better against the Aussies, lets become back to back champions


On the jet this afternoon, 24hrs flytime then in dismal old London town for afew days of warm up (read pub hopping) before the big final at Twickers. Should be an EPIC event and I look forward to watching our boys bring home the cup with a back to back win. Staying on to sun myself on some Spanish beaches for afew weeks and then home. Should be an awesome trip.


I'm hoping for a Black Out as the Wallabies have been our nemesis more often than I'd like. I'll be tucked up nicely hopefully. I don't mind if McCaw and Pocock take each other out as our bench looks better.


Our lads are going to come out with their game on, especially as it will be the last game representing New Zealand for quite a few of them. I'll be honest I will have a lump in my throat watching Richie run out for the last time Go the All Mighty All Blacks!


So nervous to watch the final.....would be awful to lose to Aussie

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