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Riches beyond your wildest Dreams....

...I really have to say some lucky bugger in NZ has won 26 million.....My thoughts what the hell would you do with it.It would be so surreal I think I would collapse and have a heart attack...and not get to spend it anyway....


I was dreaming of what I'd do with the 26million, and then I heard the US Lotto Jackpot is half a Billion US$! OMG! I couldn't even imagine winning that much. I'd have to give at least half away to charity. Thats just too much money for 1 person.


Wake up the dreams over, back to work


According to Campbell Live tonight the chap who won it is going back to work... on the checkouts at the supermarket. Fair Cop I guess, but I no that I would only be going back to hand in my notice and take a shit n the desks of the people I don't like.


yep he's heading back to work..........as the owner


I would tell hardly anyone and try and make some really good plans for the future and for helping others. Get a good financial adviser, spend heaps and try to live off the interest/dividends from the rest.


So dare to dream, dream your wildest dreams, because that's all it will ever be. Sorry guys the moneys all gone until the next big Jack Pot.


The guy that won the $26 million said he was going back to work. But he actually wasn't there Monday and Tuesday. I don't blame him. If I won I would only be coming in to work to tell the boss what I think of him!

I think the recent NZ lotto winner wants life to go on as normal but the Media and the Scum asking for money wont let him. He's gone into hiding till things settle down.

What about the US McDonalds winner that won $121 million. She bought a ticket for the work syndicate and another separately for herself, now the so called work mates are putting pressure on her for a cut. She's not giving them any, good job.

Losers sure are a greedy lot, who do they think they are?


cats out of the bag here....i'm guessing this boy's going to be moving out of town as there will be alot of expectations winning that amount..poor buggar


The most amount of money I have won is $1000. I am still waiting to win the BIG ONE. Even winning one million dollars is good enough for me.

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