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Quick fix for hair if you run out of wax

Wash hair, then apply baby oil. Style! works best with straight hair


Flour and water. Worked a treat when I was 14.


I wonder how many babies it takes to make a bottle of baby oil....

1.2. lol

probably not too much, otherwise they wont be so cheap!!


tip 3 dont be a metro and just dont worry about it

FRAAAAAAANK! Need that bloody like button!


uh hello, there's something about mary... anybody?!?!

So it works then?

haha thats exactly what came into my mind when i saw the heading...

personally i dont use wax... too much effort..


nah, if you are bald


...yeah most guys I know pass on the product and just leave it o naturale....o the metro's seem to interested in product....though there's nothing wrong with trying to look good....but I myself prefer a man more natural and doesn't use more products as I do....which thankfully I have....


As small amount of the good old conditioner works a treat as a short term fix if suffering from "wax-loss". Works best with slightly wet hair and is particularly effective with short hair - even allows for a bit of spiking. Also a good way of avoiding the metro tag if you just want your hair to be tidy. It's even quicker than the prep time required for the "something about Mary" technique ;)

...no product is best...because some women love to run their hands through a man's hair without getting product all over them....

DeeDee, you are so right! I was just thinking about this. I mean, I appreciate guys giving a toss about their hair, but when it comes down to... it, how it feels can be more important...

...Yep I would hate to run my hands through a guys hair and have product on my fingers and hands...that would kill the mood for me.....and I haven't met a guy yet who doesn't like a women running their fingers through their hair especially in the heat of the moment...and the rest...but if guys prefer it I suggest if you are in that position that you make sure her hands don't go through her hair cause some ladies may freak or cringe....lol

Yeah, it doesn't freak me out THAT much... But on the other hand, how many guys would want to run their hands though their lovers hair and have it all stiff or greasy or whatever from product?

Guys? Do you care?

...yeah suppose it could work both ways....but yeah I would freak out if a guy had a lot of product in his hair and it got all over my fingers....and some guys do love to pile it on....lol...I have fairly long hair that just touches my tail bone and I don't like to put much or any product in it....my choice...but yes others may react differently....


Yes , I like to have no hair product in my hair . I'm quite lucky ,stay in place . All in all I like to stay short and tidy

its looks cool. every time i go out, its some kind of competition with young dudes of whos hair is sticking out best!


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