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Poker for beginners.

I've recently taken up Poker and play every second Tuesday with a likeminded set of whiskey drinkers. In terms of camaraderie and blokey bonding, I'm in my element. Love it. Te problem is, I've never played poker in my life. I've been three times now, and although I seem to have picked up some of the basics, there are still large parts of the evening where I just don't understand what the hell is going on. What I need is some basic lessons. Any thoughts? Are there any online resources that will be of help for me? It's gotten to the stage where I've been going long enough to have supposed to have grasped whats going on, and now it's a case of blokey blunder taking over; where I bluff my way through and try to hide my confusion. I'm doing pretty well, I don't think they suspect a thing, but I need some help!

Hey are you playing Texas holdem?


Always test the waters. if you play with the same people, you will find they employ the same tactics after a while. This can play into their hands if they want to bluff. Use 'checking' wisely. Checking can be a bluff in itself. If you have a good hand, place a decent bet, but don't frighten off players with a bet too large. This way, you can rope more players in and get more money. If you have a good hand, make sure you bet large before the river card. River cards have a funny way of changing the game in an instant. just learn your hands otherwise, its easy and fun when you get the hang of it

Thanks for that. I think watching this a few times before my next game will certainly help.


River card? I haven't heard this before. Explain please? It's not the hands that are confusing but who gets to bet, when and how much that seems to get me confused. I'll spend a bit of time checking out myholdemtips.com for some help. What about some online resources for practise? The online games, free or otherwise all seem to go at such an incredible pace, I just can't get my head around them.


there are many online poker websites that you can play for free or for money e.g. pokerstars and you can use them to practice and horn your skills if you want. and some of the apps/websites let you play with computers if the pace is still too fast for you for me, i'd like to make things unpredictable by changing my playing style once in awhile to make it harder for people to guess whether I am bluffing or not. sometimes that works well but other times its disastrous.. I think you just have to find a style that you like and keep practicing and eventually youll get the hang of it... good luck!


Practice your p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face, your your your your p-p-poker face. And listen to some Gaga...

Thank you so much. That has to b-b-be the b-b-best advice I've ever received. I've found that shouting "YESSSS!" each time my hand is dealt confuses the enemy. None of them have any idea tat my exuberance masks a total inability to play the game...


I think you should settle for Strip Poker with girls, more fun. There are free websites you can play poker on, polish your skills to beat the ladies.

...strip pokers is great but you have to have willing players....the best thing is make sure you win and that there are hot guys that suck at playing poker....lol

Yes you need a few skills before taking on ladies at strip poker. In case you still suck after learning the game, don't forget to turn up at a game well dressed. I'm not talking about Suave, l'm talking about say five pairs of underpants etc. Oh and make sure they are clean, lol.

Texas holdem is a good game, they even sell them where "everyone gets a bargain". May have to ask a shop assistant though as they are not where the normal games are. Certainly a good game to learn a few skills.

....hahaha I reckon the best way to play strip poker is using the element of surprise and just suddenly come up with it at a party where people least expect it and have had a few.....lol...of course they have the choice of whether or not to join in but it would be more fun!.....


Yes alcohol is a great tool to help people lose their inhibitions. Nothing like a fearless poker player l say, lol.

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