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Philips has designed an Iron just for men

Here’s progress for you, Philips has designed an Iron just for men. The appliance is described on the company website as a “power tool for ironing”. It’s an “Anodilium Soleplate Man Iron”, apparently, with features such as “more power, more steam, more performance” to give you “an endless excellent gliding experience” which will “blast” away all the creases. A marketing gimmick maybe, and it's not cheap. “We need more power Scotty” From article in Sideswipe today’s Herald


Looks like it has all the bells & whistles to keep a man interested for 5 minutes.


Well it is black thats a good start!

Looks suave and sounds like the knobs are labeled in Man Language, lol.


It looks angry... like it's gonna fuck up some creased shirts


that is an alien space ship. Anyway whats an iron do?


does it do the ironing for you? that would be the only advantage I can see to getting one!


Is it supposed to look like Darth Vader? It's clearly channelling the dark side of the force.


Yep looks like it's just flown in from outerspace. Sorry girls you still have to do the ironing yourself, lol.


I thought it would have been Apple who would design it, 1st the ipod then iphone and ipad now Apple brings you the iron


This may be an iron for men but if its as great as it sounds I may be getting one for myself. I've seen how my husband irons and I wouldn't trust him ironing any of my clothes.

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