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Old school cool

Who were some of your favourite old school characters? Was it James Dean or Steve McQueen?


clint eastwood ......... charles bronson.........ahhhhhhhhh bruce lee and many more


When will De Niro be old school? Or will he always be hip?


Old School is definitely Cool... that is where everything are based from with the updatement of the present genre... but let's face it, our grand dad and dad makes the rules, and we just have to pass them.... Go ahead, do it with respect and dignity... Cheers!


Old school is great. Is Pierce Brosnan old school yet?


steve mcqueen, clint eastwood, oh and the Bonanza boys.


Burt Reynolds, Paul Newman...Yeah old school is cool.


Michael Caine everyday geezer but style and cool without brawn


Richard Geere. I like his style..cool, romantic and good-looking.


Old school, smoking in movies!!

Nothing much has changed,check out some of these new movies nowadays and yep they're still smoking.

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