Discussing :: Old age, how will we ever cope?


Like we have a choice...just have to plan well and make the best of what we have...don't be expecting too many hand-outs...


After nearly dying and realising my family had organised my funeral my mind-set has changed. Each day I wake is a true gift and the petty little things I so worried about now seem so juvenile. It is astounding


Live each day to its fullest potential - no regrets! Stop smoking & live longer


I don't think about old age. Live each day to the fullest. Don't wait to do the things you always wanted to do. Just do it!


Who knows, have to cross that one when we get there. Maybe they should allow euthanasia, as we don't keep animals in the state that we keep some elderly in.....


Kiwi's we all have something in common, we never get old and we think we are great drivers.


I just read the quote the other day, 'Do not regret getting older. It is a privilege denied to many'. Which is actually quite true.


I kicked death in the face and after nearly dying living actually looks pretty good so now each day I live I am so thankful and pleased.


Whats wrong with getting older and wiser?? That is the most apparent thing other than the body breaking down!! You actually see how bloody stupid most twenty somethings are. Man I hope we were not dumb when we were that age, but we probably were. Instead of pretending to know it all you actually have a far greater pool of knowledge & experience to draw from. Money accumulates the older you get, so its no big deal to go and blow ten grand. So there are some positives and some negatives, but one think is for sure, you can only cheat age with death and I know what I would rather do!!


I believe, as long as I prepare for the worst and enjoy what I can have and do. I can grow old happily!


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