Discussing :: Old age, how will we ever cope?


Can't believe I'm heading down the slope to 50. When I was young - can't believe I can say that too - I didn't think I would ever get to this ripe old age.


Well I don't care and I am looking forward to another birthday next Thursday and I still feel alive...like Bell Tea...lol :)


Three old men were sitting around talking about who had the worst health problems. The seventy-year-old said, "Have I got a problem. Every morning I get up at 7:30 and have to take a piss, but I have to stand at the toilet for an hour 'cause my pee barely trickles out."
"Heck, that's nothing, " said the eighty year old. "Every morning at 8:30 I have to take a shit, but I have to sit on the can for hours because of my constipation. It's terrible".
The ninety-year-old said, "You guys think you have problems! Every morning at 7:30 I piss like a racehorse, and at 8:30 I shit like a pig. The trouble with me is, I don't wake up till eleven."


Ah the joys of old age to look forward too! Can any one tell me what age is "old"? I l think it is 15 years older than me :P


I'm a bit worried that, given today's advances in general health and medicines available, I might live too long!! Of course I want a decent innings, but I don't think I want to hang around past 80-ish. I would feel like a drain on the country and the next generations trying to make a go at things for themselves but being burdened down by paying for all us oldies (pension, health care etc). Plus they will have to put the retirement age up, so we will just all end up working way longer.


I don't have any issues with growing old, however, dread the thought of losing the ones close to me. I know this sounds a bit selfish but would prefer to go before the ones I love, not fair on them I know)-: That's the only thing I dread about old age.


Rude bad mannered children and teens grow up to be rude bad mannered old people.
Heaven help us... and here l was looking forward to being just an old git.


We can still be young at heart!


We are all going to die one day so who really cares?


Raise your kids well


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