Discussing :: Old age, how will we ever cope?


Old age is when you can no longer pull the babes but feel more comfortable pulling yourself.


Oh my goodness! I just cant imagine how I am going to cope. Well, I think I will do when it comes!


Old age isn't so bad when you consider the alternatives.......so, I think I could cope!


Age is nothing but a number, you're only as old as you let yourself feel. People who perceive themselves to be old and frail are more likely to give up activities which could help to keep them young – such as socialising and taking regular exercise. By contrast, people with a positive attitude are more likely to continue taking part in these activities which helps them to stay fit and mentally alert.


Dont worry about it i say! Live life to the fullest!


Once you start taking pills its all over ha ha. God help me!!! Oh well can't help it, best we enjoy it!


Embrace it... It's inevitable! ... Come over to the grey side.


With a mature whiskey. Put a bottle or two away when your young. Make some good long term investments and retire in style.


old age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter

If you don't remember to mind then it doesn't matter too?


Im wondering where old people shop? At what age does one decide jeans are ghastly and pants that cover your front bum-pooch thing (How does one grow this?) and zip up well over your belly button - High enough to tuck your boobs in really are the greatest thing to wear? When does one stop wearing a hoodie? Although there is this cranking older gent (84 by his admission) who walks laps in the pool daily, 5:30am, gotta hustle to beat him in to the water, he wears adidas trackies and a dickies hoodie, he looks adorable! And speedos! Guess no one is perfect :) What other clothing trends do you think we pick up when we get older?


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