Discussing :: Old age, how will we ever cope?


Use it or lose it I guess (if you ever had it )!


My mother just turned 90 she still drives, goes to tai che , and lives alone in same house. She copes really well still.


They have got pills now to keep stuff up. No need for helium balloons on men.


When you get old, woman should be easier to pick up. Firstly pretend you are deaf and get up close, then as you leave the party shout out at the top of your voice “I'm great in bed”, you may get a few takers. In the end there is always a good side to life, ladies at that age may have false teeth and there is always viagra to fall back on.


OMG So love the post from Wice. How appropriate. Bring in euthanasia and then we wouldn't have to get old. Just exit the world gracefully when we have had enough.


I know a lot of older people who really take life a day at a time and try to make the most of it. It's really inspiring to hear their stories. I think I'll probably just be a grumpy old alcoholic! Something to aim for!! :O)


Old Age Shouldn't Be A Problem As Long As You Remember These 3 Simple Rules:

1. Never Walk Past A Urinal.
2. Never Trust A Fart.
3. Never, Never Waste A Hard-On.


we should just be grateful to get there


Old age is whatever you make it


Only have half of the letter's complaints so does that mean I'm not really old yet?


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