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i know why the roads were so quiet - all the cars were in the pak n save car park:(


changing the rules is stupid they were fine the way they were it will just cause accidents


I'm SO glad they changed this rule. It was the dumbest rule ever. I can't believe they thought it was a good idea to change it to that. Soooooo glad they finally saw sense!!


Will be interesting to see how it goes with the new working week starting tomorrow am sure traffic will be full on....with some, old habits are hard to change....fingers crossed that the transition goes well...


Was cut off today. They had right of way, but forgot to actually indicate they were turning.


I'm just listening on the radio and it seems most New Zealanders understand the new give way rules as there has been no accidents since they were introduced yesterday.

Yeah, that doesn't surprise me. Hopefully everyone will be extra careful until people are used to the 'new' rule, and then it will be the norm.


Good rule change in my opinion. Remember that 2 rules have changed. Here's an online driving simulation which tests you on the new rules. Bit of fun and a good way to learn without being involved in an accident: http://www.giveway.co.nz/interactive


i think most people just sit there at intersections waiting for someone to go first cos no one knows what they are doing - hopefully the new rules will make it easier for everyone. funny doing a learner's test on friday with old rules and on monday with new rules!


Went for a drive today to try out my newly learned road code rules. The town was pretty quiet, never came across a intersection where l was challenged. Darn maybe next time, lol


Finally had the chance to benefit from the new road rule today - got cut off by someone who clearly didn't actually know the rule. *sigh* Didn't fight him, he had a trailer, and would have gotten stuck in the middle of oncoming traffic.

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