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New Road Rules

I have been studying the changes to the road rules and am a bit concerned that one of the changes is how I already drive. Should I be concerned about this?! How well do you all think you will do?

well at least it did not cause you an accident. I am still a bit confused with the whole change thing.

Anna - you're not the only one it seems. A lot of people seem to forget the rule now, or be confused. I'm still getting cut off by people. I guess they'll get it eventually...


I'll have a crashing going time on the roads.


It's o.k. TJ most people gave way at a T junction, when the oncoming car was turning right, unless they gave plenty of indication they were turning and then you'd take the gap. Just drive like everyone else doesn't know what they're doing and you'll be right. Like at roundabouts - I trust noone, even if they are indicating.


I don't feel so bad now - first thought was uh oh what have i been doing quickly followed by oh well, at least there's one less change to learn! Yeah Darren i also have trust issues with drivers that either indicate wrong or don't do it at all! I guess we will see how many messages are on here after sunday with peoples experiences! Good luck everyone!


I personally think this new rule makes a lot more sense and hopefully there will be a lot less accidents especially at junctions.This system applies in the UK.But us all getting used to the new system will be interesting.I think we should all be a lot more cautious from the 25th.


Personally, I'm investing in a few panel beating companies this week. There a going to be a FREAKIN' HEAP of dented cars on the road from monday.


The new road rules are just the old rules regurgitated for those who remember


Drive with caution for a few weeks till everyone settles in. To be honest l have found some people turning left have been always pushing their luck to try and race right turners. So after the weekend they will still go first. If people can't handle a change like this, should they really be driving?


Hopefully any bangs we hear outside after 5am Sunday Morning will just be the Thunder Storms. Goodbye to NZ's worst Road Rule change which was introduced 30 years ago. At least we will now align with Aus & UK rules, which will make overseas travel easier.


I just drove all over Hamilton and didn't get to use the new rules at all. Quite disappointing. I, personally, don't think there will be a lot of accidents. For someone turning right to get all the way across the street and crash into the car turning left... they would have had to had VERY bad reflexes. Most people don't want to crash. Esp when they would be at fault. Why does this conversation make me crave chocolate?


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