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Either way, it is a lot of choices of some really good programs to watch. Doesn't Netflix provide movies though? Ended up doing a lot of binge watching on Lightbox. Vikings, Better call Saul, Jeckyl, Orphan Black, Black Sails. Some really awesome story lines, and award winning performances and series.


I am quite enjoying Lightbox but I don't think I will pay for it when my free trial is over




Netflix as it has a great choice.


I'd recommend trying all you can via free trials available to all the services. Check out Neon too as alluded to earlier - that is a kind of hybrid of Netflix and Lightbox in my opinion. I've tried them all and currently subscribe to Netflix. Lightbox is too limited in just dealing with TV series for my tastes. It can be annoying when your current TV series of choice is not offered by your streaming provider (Netflix/Lightbox/Neon) but you can try take advantage of a free trial to get around that! Don't miss out on the free 6/12 month trials offered as part of Spark/Vodafone broadband deals. So for me : Netflix because I'm more a movie/doco guy


We got Lightbox free with Spark. Opened us up to a lot of shows that we had never heard of. It is good for watching a series. and it will take you right to the next episode if you don't stop it. But there are a lot of options of things to watch with on demand television, and you tube.


I'm a Spark broadband customer on ADSL2+ with decent sync speeds of 11m/1m. I often find lightbox pauses and starts again. I assume it's buffering and is basically unusable. Happens some nights and not others. I'm using apple ipad. I also have Netflix (unotelly dns not vpn), this on the whole works better and is more reliable. Whenever I experience Lightbox issues I log into Netflix to see if it works ok and yes it streams well with no issues and great picture quality.




I think Netflix for its superior choice. The Lightbox connection to Spark puts me off.


Got Netflix free for a year and Lightbox through Spark...the slection on Netflix is bar far and away the better one...interfaces are much the same between the two but I also like that my Sony Bluray player has the Netflix app so I can access directly instead of messing around with my phone, computer ets...


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