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It comes down to how you 'feel' about it, it may be that your just not used to wearing one, like when you change from wearing normal underwear to boxers, feels a little weird at first, but once you get used to it, you dont want to go back.
If you still arent convinced, then wear it for the sentimental value, your GF gave it to you, it should mean something just because of that!


Just wear the stupid necklace, you're probably the only one who will notice (apart from the wife)


I used to wear a green stone Maori designed necklace but it just got annoying taking it on and off. When you doing a physical activity it sometimes got caught on shirt or an object you carrying which was dangerous.


I wouldn't and I think it mostly looks dodgy but some guys can get away with it - I just think of pimps with gold chains!


At least it wasn't a pearl one!


I like jewellery, the value of it and the way it looks etc. but I never wear it because it just gets in the way ... too much work for vanity reasons... and once I had a key on a necklace, and I did a pressupa nd the key hit the ground, then my mouth hit the key! Sore lip man. Nah, jewellery is useless... except maybe ot buy a Macs or JD in a foriegn country.. hehe.


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