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Do you think it's weird for a guy to wear a necklace? My wife bought me one recently for my Birthday and keeps nagging me to wear it. Maybe it's a macho thing or something but I think my father would freak out if he saw me wearing this!!!!!


depends what its like, our sons wear one,


yeah i wear one its a maori carving which is a symbol of luck properity (not that that bit seems to be working) and for safe travels over water :)


wear it with pride. Necklaces look OK but not the ingot ones from the 80's


...some guys seem to suit it and others just look like old sugar daddy's in theres...but like lette said if you are happy with wearing it then go for it....I usually wear something similar to what Jabes wears a Maori carved one but in the summer I'd rather avoid necklaces...


Assuming your wife has good taste, Go for it. But like lette said, wear it with pride. And take it off when you visit Dad. :)


haha best seen on open shirt hairy chests, add some flavor and wear with pride. If people laugh then you've made someone happy!

...omg anything beats a gold chain lying on a hairy rug chest....ewwww....and with summer coming I dread being on the beach and seeing a male with hair all over....especially on their backs...wookie much!

.......and that's where philips comes to the party....i hope ;)


It depends what it looks like I reckon! But your wife certainly wouldn't have got you something that she would be embarrassed by you wearing it. She would have liked it and though you would suit it (presuming she has a sense of fashion ;)). Yeah just take it off if you worried what your dad will say. In saying that, if you feel confident in it, he'll prob say he likes it...if you appear un confident he'll notice and make jokes! You choice in the end, ask your guy mates :p


Used to when I was a young fella but now they are just annoying


Not at all weird or strnage, look at the rap gangsta crowd haev done. Also think about the Italian way, I would advise not too over the top.


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