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You will not go far wrong with the new release 'Rush' - a terrific biopic of Formula 1 Champions of the 1970s James Hunt and Nikki Lauda. A high octane story and all true.


The Godfather series. They are classics!!


anything by Mr Tarintino , especially pulp fiction. star wars. classic westerns starring john Wayne. trainspotting was a good laugh.


I enjoyed White House Down, despite some rather dodgy reviews. It's action-packed, far-fetched and contains every cliché in the book - but it's great entertainment from beginning to end. A guilty pleasure.


Recently I saw that the influential website, IMDB.com, had named "Blade Runner" (1982) as the Number #1 Sci-fi movie = a placing a totally agree with. However, placing "Terminator" last in the Top 50 list is not only hard to fathom, it's wrong - and to make matters even worse, the sequel "Terminator II: Judgment Day" didn't even feature! If such judgments continue, all I can say is - "Hasta la vista, baby (or should that be "Hasta la vista, IMDB")!


-Fast & Furious Sequel -Mission Impossible Sequel -Harold and Kumar sequel -Matrix sequel -Die hard sequel Should watch all Chick-flick and try to understand them better what they like & dislike

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