Discussing :: Must watch movies for a guy?


Cool hand Luke Steve McQueen ,the big lebowski Jeff bridges


Stallone knows guys... and the Expendables movies have got to be high on the list. Rocky and Rambo are also good franchises for testosterone and high body counts. Jason Statham is also a good actor for must watch male movies! As a father, I absolutely love Liam Neeson in Taken. He exudes all of the power, confidence, determination and grit you want! Wasn't so keen on Taken 2 but that's a typical sequel trying to capitalise on the surprise success of the original. Another couple that might not be obvious front runners are The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile. But I put these forward because I have always got a much more intense message about the power of the human spirit, particularly as a guy, that girls seem to miss altogether.


All the Die Hard movies series for sure, I went to Die Hard 3 at the movies with my Dad and he loved it, first movie he actually stayed awake for so must have been good :-)


From a Geographical and travel point of view, the Fast and Furious movie franchise is a good way to see different countries. The settings range from Los Angeles to Tokyo to Rio de Janeiro to Glasgow to the Canary Islands and so on = a travelogue on wheels, very fast wheels!


The Alien movies, and predator, the one with Arnie! The Rock is also a favourite


Fast & Furious series. Cars, ladies, speed, action, couldn't be happier. Anything to do with the war, guns, you name it, I'm there. Not too big on the thrillers, but action packed a must, unless you're a Brokeback Mountain kinda guy, then no worries.


just been to see WHITE HOUSE DOWN with my hubby, a good movie, really action packed ,although a long movie, i was not a bit bored, nice eye candy for the ladies too, but a movie which would really appeal to the guys, lot of explosions ,fights etc.car chase, this movie was not rated high by our newspaper critic,but i have to so not agree, enjoyable, with funny moments, warm hearted moments and a ton of action.


Where do you start? There are soooo many good guy movies out there. If I flick through my collection it is dominated by action, comedy, thriller and suspense. But one of my all time favs is a musical.......... The Blues Brothers. Who dosent love this movie?? I must have watched it 100 times in my life and I still dont get sick of it.


Django,pacific rim, transformers movies,terminator movies,predator and alien movies the list could go on and on.


Anything by Ridley Scott before (but not including Robin Hood) he kinda lost it after that The Guns of Navarone - classic war story well told The Outlaw Josey Wales - a good solid western Aliens Extended Version - kicks Avatar's butt Band of Brothers - yeah, they say it's a mini-series but only if you wimp out and take breaks between the parts...

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