Discussing :: Must watch movies for a guy?


Any thing with explosions is good!


Must watch movies for a guy... Hmm there needs to be explosions and a lot of action. Something that springs to mind straight away is the Die Hard series. Another beauty would have to be Law Abiding Citizen. A really good storyline that keeps you thinking and lots and lots of explosions! You need expolsinos if it's a guy's movie!!


End of Watch raw, buddy cop movie

Saw that last night ... was great!


McVicar, The Blues Brothers, The Good the bad the ugly, Full Metal jacket, Das Boot, The Deer Hunter, They Live, Quadrophenia, The Big Lebowski, Midnight Run.


anything with a scene that gos with the song "cool guys dont look at explosions they blow things up then walk away"


Last of the mohicans yeah


Most recently the BEST guy movies I have seen are: Seven Psychopaths Django Expendables 2 (seriously about 600 people get blown up in the first ten minutes of the movie yeee haaa) Keith Lemon Alex Cross Drive Angry (worth it just for Amber Heard alone)

What is keith lemon?
i agree with seven psychopaths i loved that movie similar style to lock stock and two smoking barrells and snatch


Terry Gillam movies keep our men boys amused, a war film that stands out was Kakado, Australian movie about the ozzies. very well done. the castle, every bloke should have a poool rooom. Aussie seem to make better movies as the years go by


Saw the movie "Felon" recently and reckon that it's worth a watch. Good solid prison movie. Has a heap of action, some life lessons and drama bits too.


Underworld - all of them! Ah hello, Kate Beckinsale, need I say more!!!

Underworld yes l have the set in bluray, for a guy leathers are hard to beat. A Vampire movie that doesn't suck.
For something a bit more Sauve check out Skyfall, 007 down to earth.
You won't be disappointed with either of these.

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