Discussing :: Must watch movies for a guy?


the notebook...! im serious...guys must watch and learn...

Think I'll wait till I hear it from a guy ;) ... seriously though, I'll give it a thought if it's around..


Another great guys movie is "Fight club" also "The One"


Here's my review of Expendables 2 (no spoilers) Story: Standard action movie script. Evil man wants evil weapons to rule the world (or to sell for hookers and blow) so the team pack up their airplane with guns and knives and go on a mission (not impossible) to stop him. Starring: CHUCK NORRIS! Enough said. Go see the movie or Chuck will hunt you down and hurt you. You have been warned!! Cheesy? Cheesier than a Royale with cheese Bloody? OTT mindless violence! When you leave the cinema, you’ll think your covered in blood and brain splatter. Funny? The boys took the piss out of each other, cracked a lot of non PC jokes. Who was the Alpha Male? With a movie locked and loaded full of testosterone and action hero’s, Stallone just pipped by Chuck Norris, because he is Chuck Norris. Are the boys showing the age? Unfortunately yes, some “belong in a museum”. Time, ‘roids and that hideous housekeeper have not been kind to my child hood hero Arnie. One to take the Mrs too? Yes, the movie has eye candy for women (and some gentleman) in Jason Statham and Thor’s real-life brother (who’s tapping Miley Cyrus) but as they go around blowing baddies heads off (they did deserve it though), maybe No. Best quote: “Yeah. But after five days of agonizing pain, the cobra died”. Verdict: If you like OTT and BS mindless violence with a funny wisecracks, it's a must see. If you don't, go get you balls out of your Mrs handbag and check it out. Pure Entertainment.

Thanks Barnes10. I was dragged alonged to see it to with my boyfriend today and it was Mean. Sure I watched most of the "killing scenes' with half my hand over my face but it was a good laugh. The Chuck Norris bits had me LOL!
My boyfriend really enjoyed it.
By the way Thors brother is hot!!!!!! a shame he is in your words "tapping" silly bitch Miley LOL.


Das Boot. It details the claustrophobic world on board a German ww2 submarine. A unique mix of boredom, filth and sheer terror

Saw that - it's a LONG movie eh!!! haha. Bit long for the average guy I'd think but if you have patience, it's worth a watch - as it is unique...


Some more I'll add: Action: Die Hard (I can't remember how good 2,3,4 are, but at least watch the first one if you haven't and let it lead you into the others) The Great Escape (1963) in brief: Oldie but a goodie. This is in colour and is about a prison breakout. Thriller: Gattaca (1997) in brief: Sci-fi thriller about someone trying to fit in with a superior race. The Manchurian Candidate (1972) in brief: Watch THIS version over the more recent one. It's in black and white but I think this is a great movie. There's something to be learnt from movies like this. Movie about conspiracy.


Real Guys Movie is: ''Scarface'' ====Al Pacino... Have a look at the Official Trailer HD


I was thinking about this and 2 of my all time favs would have to be gone in sixty seconds the remake with Angelina Jolie ( In dreads super hot!) and The good Fellas. Saldy the last Ray Liotta film i saw " killing them softy" was just painful to watch. :P


Highlander, an oldie but a goodie!


Reservoir Dogs Die Hard 300 Scarface Dirty Harry Terminator 2 Aliens The Matrix The Usual Suspects Happy Gilmore Blazing Saddles Blade Pulp Fiction Saving Private Ryan Bad Boys 1 & 2 Dumb and Dumber Just to name a select few!!!

And just a couple more..

The Dark Knight trilogy
Back to the Future Trilogy
The Departed
All the Marvel comic movies
The Hangover
In The Line Of Fire
The Shawshank Redemption
Indiana Jones
The Good The Bad And The Ugly

and for the fans of stoner comedies:
Cheech and Chong
Harold and Kumar
Pineapple Express


All of the Bond movies, all of the Indiana Jones movies (except the newest one) and the Bourne ones (except the new one)!


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