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Mullet Skirts *

What do you think of the new trend? A go or a no?

i fear too this would be better posted on chelsey as im not sure how many here would wear such an item of clothing at the best of times

And when they do, just check out the look on their face...

So glad I'm not a model!

I'd wear one Jabes. Probably won't though.

And yes, Jason, modeling sucks. I'd turn up to a go-see and every 5'9" girl with long brown hair in the city would be there trying to get the same job. I'd want to just turn around and leave. Isn't that what your headshot is for? So they can narrow it down? They don't give a shit about your time, and the pay isn't always that great. Horrid business. But fortunately that got me in the direction of film and TV, which rock :)


I'm sorry (or possibly relieved) to say I have no idea what you are on about. A photo perhaps?


A mullet skirt? that's really fashion backwards instead of forwards isn't it...hahaha I would like to see photo evidence that one even exists please....lol


never heard of it but i think mullet is making a come back!!

Please god, no!


you are crazy, mullet is the best style ever!!


Well, here it is, in all it's hideousness... This site http://www.thefashionspot.com/style-trends/news/168021-trend-spotlight-the-high-low-or-mullet-skirt seems to think it's the next big thing, but the photo is from another site, dated over a year ago. I'm just hoping women are smarter than this. Sorry girls, doesn't matter how sexy this is (which it isn't) but the name just kills it dead.

OMG women actually want to be seen in those skirts it looks like a salsa dress gone wrong or something if you have pretty legs you don't want a tail at the back especially with boots on...i hope this fashion faux pas makes a death dive soon...terrible

Oh, I could totes pull that one off! No, seriously!

It would still be a mullet. A classy one perhaps (a moolay), but a mullet nonetheless.

Put me down for a no. sickening!


would like to see the bald skirt heehee...well if you put it on the wrong way, you can just call it the comb over skirt


What if they called it the slutty wedding skirt? Would you like it more?

Oh, absolutely. It'd go well with the easy access velcro lederhosen I'm working on at the moment.
Trouble is hun, it's already tainted. Every time I see that skirt I just think Billy-bob.


Never asked my wife what they were called but she could wear it to a barn dance, or a ball and still look good. They make a woman look feminine, sexy and stylish. Got my vote. Blood hell, not for the men though!


to each their own


They've been around for years. Also called "fish tails". I like them!

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