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Are you taking part this month? It raises awareness for an important cause while having a bit of a fun at the same time. Make sure your significant other takes part too - nothing catches the eye more than a lady with a moustache... hahaha. Make it a challenge, who can grow it longer. Personally though I prefer to be clean shaven, brown hair with a blonde moustache just doesn't seem to look right... lol.


I try to,but just cant grow anything decent in a month!! I did however,grow the fu man chu for a whole year from nov to nov,and everytime someone asked,gave them the whole chat on movember and the importance of us men getting our check ups,kinda wish i had a photo to post,may have to trawl through the albums to find my "year long man-chu"!! cant wait to see the many mo's that will be out this month!!


Havent signed up to do movemeber but may grow a bit of facial hair out to show my support. Can see a flat competition starting to see whos mo is the best


Might just convince hubby to something along the reverse lines. He has had a mo for as long as I've known him (43 yrs) so maybe he could get some sponsorship to shave it off at the end of this month. Just a thought!


i've seen photos of my partner from before we met when he has a mo and i've told him never again lol


Would love to be involved but have been blessed/ cursed with a baby face and the inability to grow a moustache or even beard.. Find myself full of envy for my 14 year old godson who rapidly has a baby slug appearing on his top lip! I'm nearly 40 by the way..


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Moustaches are suave.


Gotta have a 'tache in November. All for a good cause.


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