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Men in Stubbies

Personally I think that stubbies make a New Zealand man!! it adds a bit of character to their fashion and its a turn on for the ladies!!! hahaha

What do you think?


Stubbies belong with the Speedo's - locked away far from sight.


I wear shorts Summer & Winter but l draw the line at Stubbies.
Agree Speedo's and Stubbies should be locked away.

Stick to Stubble on your face, you might have better luck attracting the ladies with that. lol


......stubbies maketh the man...............and yes it is ok to be turned on....

I hope you are implying "Only if you are a woman"

nope, i was implying that the 'fashion evolution to hot pants' is kinda hot. worn by the fairer sex, with significantly less leg hair and better legs than us of course...lol


"Who wears short shorts"'...

"Douches wear short shorttes"...

I challenge the notion that the male upper thigh is in anyway attractive and should be duly hidden from site. Stubbies belong in the dark decade that spawned them. Boardies, now thats a short a man can fel proud to wear


Totally sexy, between the ages of 25 - 45.


Yea wear them loud and proud.


Ever noticed how jandals suit stubbies the best? Shoes just look odd - unless they are running shoes and you are actually going for a run.


Such a hit needs a comeback. But like any comeback there has to be a point of change. Bring them back I say, a little different and see if it catches on. Board shorts have been around to long now!


Yes to stubbies, on the right guy (tall, lean tanned thighs)


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