Discussing :: ManChef: Late night decadence - thick hot chocolate.


ManChef: Late night decadence - thick hot chocolate.

Dead simple:

One small bar of milk chocolate
One small bar of dark chocolate.
2 tall glasses

Break each bar into pieces and distribute between the two glasses. As each bar has 7 pieces, you'll have to make one a little more dark and one a little more milk, but you're a grown up and I'm sure you'll find a way with dealing with this.

Fill the glasses with milk and microwave for 2-3 mins, then keep stirring until all the chocolate has dissolved.

Curse me for giving you a new bad habit.


Also exceptionally good with mint chocolate. And I've heard it make with Caramello, and with white chocolate.

I usually heat it slowly on the stove.


going to get so much fatter agggh
hurry up summer winter is not being kind!

and yeah microwaves are the devil.


Great receipe!!! How about Thick hot chocolate on French vanilla icecream, it tastes yummy as well.


OMG....fantastic, not a ad habit at all!


lol curse you!


yea not going to show the wife this. Think I'll keep it to myself, have when she not around.


To heck with keeping it a late night decadence - won't show the kids becuase then it won't stay my little secret and they so don't need a choc hit but this might be a good pick me up when I need sugar and energy! Thanks for sharing.......


Ok l think it best to send the kids to bed before you mix up this one.
Hot chocolate special and whipped cream. Cherry is optional.
You can drink it standing up or lying down & never gets cold.

Hope that just gets under the bar for "Suave", lol


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