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LG Optimus L7 review

It's hardly the prom queen of the mobile world. http://www.techradar.com/reviews/phones/mobile-phones/lg-optimus-l7-1087010/review


Maybe not the prom queen of the mobile world but owning one would be a step in the right direction for me.


LG Optimus L7 - Prom queen of the mobile world. It's easily slips into your pocket – and tipping the scales at 121g give it a reassuring weight Have a look for yourself.....!!!!!


LG is a true and trusted brand!!! and yes the prom queen!!!

I agree it is a true and trusted and yes it is prom queen


The LG is also cheaper than a lot of other smart phones out there and offers pretty much the same services. So whereas it might not be the most flashest it certainly is worth the money you pay for it unlike a lot of the other smart phones.


I played with my mate's LG L7 last week and loved it, so sleek and easy to use.


Ive always been an apple man myself but my dad likes LG stuff


This phone is a hell of a lot better than my own which can crash when just making a simple phone call.


Looks like a nice simple functional phone - exactly what a lot of people cry out for after getting other brands to keep up with the joneses - and then finding them difficult to use. Sleek functional design, and the memory and sim card ( full size too ) can be replaced without removing the battery :). Another great product from a great brand !


Good to see that its almost up to date with the Android version. What is it with manufacturers and telcos that they pretty much leave you on the OS gen you bought with? If I get a phone (or tablet etc) I'd like to be able to keep its OS up to date without having to root it. One thing Apple do do okay.


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