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Is it for real or is it the 'in thing' or just a twenty first century thingie? Is it true that if we awoke our dormant darker inner core we could possibly have a flash of it,for experiment?

This would probably go down better in the Love and Relationships forum. On Chelsey. However, as you've asked the question I'll add that I have a friend that is lesbian. I seem to fancy almost all of the women that she fancies. I'm a little worries I might be turning into a lesbian myself.

...You have competition Jase me thinks....


That should have said worried, just in case the grammar police are watching....


Geez you've opened up a can of worms here. What do two lesbian lovers do when they are both menstruating? They finger paint! Everyone to their own, or each other.

...or as my sick male friend would say they wear the dolmio grin......

Class DeeDee, pure class.

...considering some of the comments in these threads I think I am in good company....

Hmm, can't fault that logic, haha.


Two lesbians were standing at a bar drinking when another girl waved from across the bar. "Who is that babe?" one said to the other. "I'd sure like to get her spread out on my sheets." "No you wouldn't," said the other. "She's hung like a doughnut."


I've always felt that I was a lesbian trapped in a mans body...

Here a checklist Tim to find out if you are a lesbian
Short haircut. Check
Flat shoes. Check.
Listen to Melissa Etheridge. Check
Vegetarian (don't lke meat).Check
Play rugby or cricket.Check
Favourite show is Ellen.Check
ate out....rather than cook a meal at home.Check

ooopss meat eat.

time for bed! meant to say eat.....should have paid attention at skool :)

that rugby, i hope my daughter doesnt become a ruby player... lol... i would start to get worried

hey barnes10....I'd have to say you are wrong about Rugby on your checklist it's tennis or cricket......

i agree with barnes, its rugby. i asked a few straight guys

Your whole checklist is so wrong.... I have heaps of lesbian friends... just don't start dating the bisexual ones... hard work & you get burned as they are nuts!

Dead right Chris, last missus was bisexual and got burnt bigtime. A user of male and female so didn't know what end was up.


"My friend" eh DeeDee? That old chestnut.

????? can you elaborate?


I just think we're all more open minded and the younger generation are going to be ridiculously open minded about sex and relationships. Brilliant - let them experiment all they want and see what fits.

the problem that might arise with such experimentation WITHOUT guidance is that they will lose track of what sexuality means........imagine little kids being brainwashed into thinking that they can act as they please and express their sexuality as they please, they wont know left from right.....and they would take it for granted inot thinking everyone heterosexual


Santa Singh and Banta Singh are sitting in a bar sipping Black Label Johnny walker when Banta Singh noticed a gorgeous blonde sitting by herself in a corner. As he was getting up to talk to her. Bar Tender said "Hey don't worry about her, She is lesbian! ". Banta Singh "Lesbian or no lesbian, I get all of them" and he stylishly holding his whiskey in his left hand walked to her table. Then leaping forward in a very sexy voice he said "Where exactly in Lesbia, you from?"


I figure all girls are a few drinks away from a lesbian experience. Or at least that what I keep telling myself.....and keep trying to facilitate.

isnt that every man's dark fantasy, mmmh?


....all I can say is I wish I knew how to do it........

WG l'm right with you, its a bit hard to Form an opinion when you haven't seen it happening.

true true, but it happens all the time.. even in GLEE! One doesnt even have to go the extra mile in the porn section and sweat it out at the checkout!

makes two of us.... me too

My goodness is there two Poly's? Any more and we will have a flock, lol

Yeah WG if you learnt how to do it you may get the odd call to help. Hope your earring is the real deal.

A young woman goes to her doctor after noticing two small circular rash marks one on each side of her inner thigh.
The doctor instructs the woman to undress and sit on the table and spread her legs. Sitting between the young womans legs, the doctor looks up at the young woman and asks if she is a lesbian.
The young woman blushes and says, "Why yes I am." The doctor stands up, and tells the young woman, "Don't worry your rash will go away." The young woman asks what she needs to do. The doctor says, "Go home and tell your girlfriend that her earrings aren't real."

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