Discussing :: Lazy Man's Toilet Seat - answer to pee problem


Lazy Man's Toilet Seat - answer to pee problem

Website where: Toilet lifts the lid and seat, then auto peeing starts. Player leaves, toilet closes seat and lid, and then flushes. Sorry couldn't find the other Forum where there was a lot of talk about whether seat should be up or down With this auto lifting seat the problem is solved. http://www.xfire.com/video/11c8f7/


is it really that hard just to put the seat up and down though??

Not for me pee, but someone complained quite some time ago (can't find forum or remember who started it) then came across the answer


i am sure someone somewhere (possibly the Japanese) would have invented some sort of sensor that automatically lifts the toilet seat when you are standing over it... but of course, everyone knows toilet seats should stay up ;) *runs away*


hahahahah love it


so the toilet actually does the peeing for the player. hmmm problem not really solved. why can't you guys just sit on the seat & pee. more clean for all concerned & the issue of the seat up is solved.


They had those kind of toilet seats in the bathrooms of a bar I went to in Oz. See, the grass is always greener - til you get caught in the closing seat... kind of like it happening in an elevator, only more private and quite likely more embarrassing too..


ahah looks cool! but whats next? a lazy mans shower? when A hot female robot that comes and scrubs your balls?


I don't see why women complain about leaving the toliet seat up. We have to move it up all the time, they have to move it down all the time. It requires the same amount of effort. Deal with it.

agreed with twist55 & it's the only fair solution really


Sounds great. probably invented by the Japanese - they make that loo with the autoflush and heated seat. brilliant. genius. why not!


It kind of resembles something Tim Allen would invent on his show using his Bindford Tools. It guess peeing and toilet seats only works if you take time and care with you aim. Bound to miss from the doorway unless you have had a lot of practice, lol.


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