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Is it Suave for a Guy to cry!!!

We had taken our kids to see Dolphin Tale and after watching my wife balling her eyes out through most of the Film, It suddenly hit me would it be Suave of me to sit their balling my eyes out.I am a guy so probably not and yes it was a very emotional film. I might have had a tear in the corner of my eye.But us guys are taught not to cry otherwise we get the crap beaten out of us!! I think at the end of the day we are only human with Human emotions and I am sure even the toughest Macho Man will of at some stage shed a tear or two.


Ha what are you saying here GF should be giving away boxes of tissues as prizes, maybe for the saddest story. You are right though everyone has feelings but please leave the crying at the movies to the chicks. Please control yourself & get a grip, us guy's have an image to keep, lol.


I though it was interesting, as a subject. Most guys would not talk about....Publicly....A years supply of kleenex come in handy for the winter time...I could sob today as I lost money on the races yesterday..Boo Hoo..!!


I'd have to say no, not suave. I mean a tear if your Mom dies, of course, but in a movie? No. BTW - how was the movie? I was thinking of taking the kids but I've seen the trailer for it so many times I feel like I've seen the whole movie.


Kids loved it and wife sobbed through it. It was based on a true story about a Dolphin in Florida who got caught in a crab net was rescued and ended up loosing her tail due to infection.The Dolphin is now called Winter and lives in a Florida marine centre and believe me must be a very wealthy Dolphin due to all the merchandise etc sold.It was a very long 2 hour Movie that I got nagged to go and see if your kids want to see it then worth going to see,but not something I would have personally chosen to see.


It would be nice to see some emotion from them at the times when it matters but we dont want a blubbering mess either lol

......Hey so true...But yeah keep it for private quarters!!


Totally. Emotions are completely natural and suppressing them only turns into rage, abuse, axe-murdering and so forth. I think it's suave and sexy for a guy to cry in front of other people. We're all human right?

.....Ummm maybe you have touched on something here!!


...yeah at certain times, like the death of a loved one or birth of your child, something like that but a random cry hmmm I don't think so......especially if it is done around your mates, which I doubt....some women would think it is cute...but I'm not one of them....some girls prefer a guy to be strong and protective instead of a bubbling sook!

DeeDee's right death of loved one, otherwise guys stop watching soaps or chick flicks, lol.

Hey I am sure a tear would be in order when we lose at the Rugby!!


.........Completely agree keep it for the man's cave...Without mates!! But hey we do have emotions too.So OK to express feeling nothing wrong with that!!


I think it's ok to cry, geeze who hasn't cried at a movie, i for one have and i'm not ashamed to admit it..............just don't do it in front of your mates.

....Yeah I guess it's dark and no one can see and hell yeah don't take your mates to the Movie!!!

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